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Universal Studios Singapore visit was originally on the last day of my Singapore itinerary. When a friend knew it was on a Sunday, she reluctantly agreed and just advised me to schedule it on a weekday. Queues are undeniably pathetic on weekends and will limit the attractions you could try.

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I’ve decided to move it on a Friday but long queues, that probably would be worst during weekends, still enthralled me. Universal Studios Singapore is a must attraction in Sentosa Island and every first-timer setting foot on the city-state makes sure to experience it on their visit. Freaking long queues are the results.

But worry no more! On my stay, I got to observe the scenes, as well as the system inside the theme-park and here, are some suggestions to hack your way out of those long queues. Are you ready?

Visit on a Weekday

As per my friend, it is better to visit USS on a weekday. As usual, weekends are days when families with kids and group of friends (off school and work) will join you on the craze. Just be sure that your weekday schedule doesn’t fall on a holiday.

Book your Tickets Ahead or Online

When I arrived at the Universal Studios Singapore ground, few meters from the rotating globe bearing the brand, an eddy queue shocked me! It swirled for how many times and wasn’t moving that fast. When I asked the attendant, who was busy monitoring the line, she mentioned that it’s for the ticket. Fortunately, I purchased my ticket the night before my visit. I discovered Klook before my trip and decided to buy a USS Ticker using the app. Universal Studios Singapore one-day pass is SGD76 but I was able to get mine using Klook for only SGD62, that’s a whooping SGD14 discount. Avoid the line and book your USS tickets via Klook here.

universal studios singapore ticket queue

Are you kidding me? I was able to avoid the lines and even saved some for the pass. With that, the park attendant instructed me to go directly to the entrance where I showed my voucher with another park crew scanning it directly from my phone. If you’re limited in availing your ticket online, ask your accommodation to get one for you. For the hostels I’ve stayed in, they also offer a discounted rate to Universal Studios Singapore.

Monitor Waiting Times

The first attraction that I enthusiastically joined the unbearable queue was Transformers. With stories from friends who’ve been to the theme park, Transformer offers a thrilling experience making it a must-ride. With that, expect to wait for an hour, or even more, just to get inside and try the suggested ride.

universal studios singapore waiting time display

The attraction attendants were very kind to announce the current waiting time. Apart from that, all attractions have a digital timer near the attraction’s entrance that indicates the current waiting time. There are also LED monitors on some spots that display waiting times for all attractions being updated real-time. Monitoring waiting time on attractions will help you decide what to try first.

universal studios singapore queue monitors

Do Less Visited Attractions First

In relation to the previous hack, most park goers visit Transformers, Battlestar Galactica, and Revenge of the Mummy. You can expect these attractions to have agonizing queues that go as long as 2-3 hours in the morning and early afternoon. On the other hand, while people are busy wasting their time on these attractions, take the chance to visit attractions in Madagascar and Far Far Away sections of the theme park.

universal studios singapore transformers

Shrek 4D Adventure, Enchanted Airways, and Madagascar Crate Adventure are not that super thrilling compared to those in Sci-Fi City and Ancient Egypt, but a slow start to familiarize the attractions Universal Studios Singapore is offering. Long queue on major attractions ends when people start leaving the park around 6 PM. The estimated time being displayed is the time it will take you to walk from the attraction’s entrance to the ride’s platform.

universal studios singapore shrek 4d

Utilize the Single Riders Lane

I found out about this Universal Studios Singapore hack late while waiting for the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures. For singles, loners, or solo backpackers, there is actually a Single Rider Lane for attractions that require group sitting like Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, and Rapid Adventures.

universal studios singapore singel rider lane

When asked why they have these lanes, single riders will serve as fillers on the rides. So if a group (or combination of smaller groups) has a seat left, attendants will prioritize the single riders. They won’t check if you’re indeed alone so if you intend to experience more rides than enjoying it with friends, everyone can queue on that lane. I appreciate single rider lanes as it becomes an advantage for singles.

Buy the Universal Express

For every attraction, a Universal Express is being offered to park goers for them to avoid the long queue. The system goes like this: if you’re not a fan of standing on long lines, you have the option to avail the express pass. Having a Universal Express pass will let the attraction attendants prioritize you over those in the regular queue. But for some time, guests also pile up on the said lane. Since I didn’t attempt to avail one, I’m not sure how much it cost that surely varies per attraction.

No Choice But to Queue

If it was already meant that your visit to Universal Studios Singapore will be a bad day on your stay in Singapore, submit yourself to long queues. You can still be sane when you’re with friends but this will be a tough one for solo travelers. Trust me, been there, done that. What you could do is talk to strangers, share some stories, or bring a map of Singapore with you and plan out your next days in the country.

universal studios singapore long queue

I’ve come up with the list during my stay and wasn’t aware of these items at first. I discovered them one by one and tried to apply it. As a result, here are the rides I’ve tried and must-rides when in Universal Studios Singapore: Transformers (2x), Revenge of the Mummy (2x), Battlestar Galactica (2x, each for Human and Cylon), Shrek 4D, Jurassic Rapid Adventures, Puss in Boots, Enchanted Airways, and Madagascar Crate Adventure.

universal studios singapore

The Universal Studios Singapore visit started wasting some hours queuing for Transformers. But observing the people and the system being employed inside the theme park gave me the opportunity to maximize my time and the theme park’s attractions. Don’t forget to remember these simple hacks on your Universal Studios Singapore visit!

How to get to Universal Studios Singapore

Make your way to HarbourFront Station via the North-East Line or Circle Line. Take Exit E and proceed to Vivo City. You can use the Sentosa Boardwalk (free for a limited time) or take the Sentosa Express.
Planning to visit Singapore anytime soon? Check out my Singapore travel guide, click on the photo below.

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