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Bacolod is known for the all-time Filipino meal Chicken Inasal which made way to the birth of a now famous food chain in the country. But I wanted to try other food offerings so I decided to avoid Chicken Inasal during my stay in the city. As a result, here are some Bacolod City food places I discovered that will definitely give you a great dining experience.

Desserts are everywhere!


Just after my visit to The Ruins in Talisay City, I made my way to Capitol Park and Lagoon and walked a block going to the Old Pala-pala Market. The market is known for a wide array of fresh seafood choices and nearby paluto/dampa houses. I bought shrimps, squids and fish for dinner which were prepared into Sinigang na Hipon, calamares, and grilled fish. Check out my seafood feast experience here.

Fresh and affordable seafood in Old Pala-pala Market.


I was starving when I got back from Murcia for my hike to the seven falls of Mambukal Resorts. The first thing I did when I arrived in Bacolod City was to search for a place to have lunch. Going back to Go Hotels Bacolod, I passed by Café Bob which is also located along Lacson St. I finally decided to drop by since it is also being recommended online.

Spaghetti ala Putanesca (Php 155).

The restaurant serves pasta, sandwiches, and coffees. I wanted to have rice for lunch to compensate the carbs I lost from the hike; however, no rice meals were available on the menu. Instead, I ordered their best sellers Spaghetti ala Putanesca and Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Php 95).

The taste of Spaghetti ala Putanesca was so overwhelming due to the tons of natural tomatoes used having green and black olives and some beans served with garlic bread. Grilled Ham and Cheese was just okay but I like the outer part of the bread which was crunchy. The sweetness of the cheese that was used overpowered the taste of the ham.


Different kinds of cheese and ham at Cafe Bob’s deli place.

The restaurant also serves hot and cold drinks, Mexican treats such as tacos and burritos and iced coolers. They also offer some sort of cakes, cupcakes, bread, and macaroons. Ambiance is very light with soft jazz music in the background. Adjacent to them is their deli place where some Bacolod delicacies for pasalubongs together with different kinds of cheese and ham.



For my second and last night in Bacolod City, I tried Bascon Café located at the corner of 27th Street and Lacson St. Like any other restaurants in the city, it also offers different cakes. The interior of the place is very warm with the shade of brown motif complemented well with the fixtures used. I ordered one of their house specialties Callos Con Garbanzos, a savory Spanish stew with Ox Tripe and Leg with spicy Chorizo. The meat was tender and the thick sauce of the meal was really tasty.

Callos Con Garbanzos.


Two blocks away from Bascon Café is the home of the famous Half-Moon Cake, Pendy’s Snack Bar and Restaurant. I don’t know why they called it half-moon rather than half-sun with the dessert’s yellow color with the egg custard whipped over the soft bread.

Half moon cake (Php 40).


Last café I tried before leaving Bacolod was Calea Pastries and Coffee that offers the most affordable yet most delicious cakes in the city. I tried it the early morning after a walk in the Capitol Park and Lagoon. I ordered Choco Mud Pie cake and a cup of Cappuccino which were perfect for the rainy weather. You can also read my unbeatable cake experience at Calea.

Calea’s floating island, Brazo de Mercedes topped with caramel sheets.

It was a great idea to avoid Chicken Inasal during my visit to Bacolod that it led me to discover different restaurants and cafés that offer a diverse food selection aside from the known chicken meal.


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