BATANES | Where to Eat in Batanes: Octagon Restaurant


It was a cold evening and we were faced with the reality that we will be leaving Batanes really soon. We were a bit expressive since we spent more than a week in the province; mingled with its accommodating locals, enjoyed the local cuisine, and most of all experienced the near-to-paradise attractions.

Because it was our last night in the province, we decided to eat somewhere. Near our homestay is Octagon Restaurant that mainly serves Filipino food at affordable values. The restaurant’s name is really intriguing so I tried to discover why it was named as such. I found out that the structure of the place resembles an octagon and some decorations that were used to adorn the interior are octagon in shape.

The menu features different segments from breakfast meals to appetizer, soup, vegetable, noodles, seafood, meat to snacks such as sandwiches, salads, desserts and some beverages. The main dining hall is not that spacious as it can only house 4-6 groups, but there are also dining areas outside, overlooking the sea.


We ordered a bowl of Nilagang Baboy (Php 200) to beat the cold weather, and a Stirfry Veggies (Php 200). While waiting for our order, the different decorations available inside the restaurant caught my attention; carvings on hardwood that was intensified by the vibrant colors. We weren’t sure if the items are only meant for display or guests can also purchase them.

Waiting time for our orders took so long because there was a lot of crowd on the food place that night. For some minutes, we enjoyed the food and almost forgot our sentiment towards the reality of leaving Batanes. It was already eight when we finished our meals and decided to leave the restaurant back to our homestay.

Octagon Restaurant

Sitio Disong Brgy. Kaychanarianan
Along National Road
Basco, Batanes


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