Where to Eat in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan


Even before the Puerto Princesa Underground River was announced as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature by New7Wonders Foundation in 2011, many foreign and local tourists have already been to Puerto Princesa because of its natural beauty, the warm accommodation of the people, peacefulness and cleanliness of the surroundings and of course, the food. During our stay in the city, we were able to try some of the food places in the Puerto Princesa City. Join me as I recall our food tripping experience.


Right after we settled in our hotel, we went out to find the nearest place to eat since we were already starving from long trip. We found out that A&A Plaza Hotel has its own restaurant on the ground floor, Chow Na. We had a platter meal with rice, grilled chicken, pork spareribs, tuna belly, grilled porkchop, chopsuey, and mais con yelo for dessert. The grilled meats served were juicy and tender but just right to start our food experience.


On our first night, Kuya Arthur, the very friendly tricycle driver suggested that we should also try the Kinabuchs Grill and Bar. We were lucky that night since we got a table immediately upon arrival since they require reservations due to the number of people eating at the restaurant.

We ordered sinigang na ulo ng isda, grilled blue marlin, bicol express and sizzling mixed misono and a set of bagoong and garlic rice. We only spent Php1130 for the entire bill.


One of our anticipated places to dine was the Badjao Restaurant located in Barangay Sikat found along Abueg Road. The place is a bit far from the city proper. The location of the restaurant will give you a great dining experience having the calm Sulu Sea and a great landscape in the background.

We ordered a seafood platter having a crab dish, sizzling squid, grilled fish, eggplant salad, garlic rice, fruits and their soup of the day. We also tried their cocktails: Pink Margarita, Seafront Beauty and Badjao Sunset which set us a bit dizzy going back to the town proper.


To spend some spare time, we dropped by Isla Casoy De Palawan located at Mercado de San Miguel to try their products with cashew in it. We tried their version of Mocha Cashew Frappe which is just like the common ones but having a cashew flavor aftertaste. They also have some items for pasalubong such as cashew cookies, tarts, and prunes.


Since Ka Lui was closed during our last night in the province, we searched for a place and Kuya Arthur led us to Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill. The place is known for the balinsasayaw soup, from the restaurant’s name itself, with the saliva of the balinsasayaw bird as the main ingredient. We ordered a platter of seafood good for four. The platter has a grilled squid, mixed seafood dish, chicken inasal, ensaladang talong, lumpia, a set of fruits and of course the balinsasayaw soup. The food was served in a bilao (circular basket) with banana leaves.


You can also try their local version of Starbucks with the presence of Mang Itoy’s Specialty Coffee located just across Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill. Their menu also competes with the choices being offered on famous coffee shops: frappes, chocolate drinks, and iced coffee among others. Their drinks start at Php105 to as high as Php190.

Aside from the food, we tried from these restaurants, we also didn’t let the opportunity to taste the exotic food being offered by the city: tamilok (wood worm) and crocodile sisig. The tamilok tastes like an oyster while the crocodile sisig is comparable to the ordinary one made from pork.

I was glad that most restaurants in Puerto Princesa have platter meals on their menu which are good for sharing for groups of friends and families visiting the city. The food experience was really great and always makes me want to go back there place and try other restaurants available.



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