Where to Stay in Camiguin: Enigmata Tree House Eco Lodge


Total darkness enveloped the entire island and I was still busy taking a photo of the driveway of Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin. Ate Nats called a motorella and already conversing with the driver in Bisaya. Our next destination on that day was Enigmata Tree House Eco Lodge where we booked a reservation for our last night in Camiguin.

Immediately I went inside the vehicle as the driver confirms our destination, Enigmata Eco Lodge. He wasn’t sure with the place and asked us to describe it. “Tree house accommodation” were the keywords. He said that he will be charging us Php 15 each since it is a bit far from the highway.

Road to Enigmata from the highway was succumbed in total darkness with towering trees on both sides, like a scene in a horror movie. Houses are also far, meters away from each other. The place is not that noticeable. A staff welcomed us as we made our way to the receiving area. She turned all the lights.

“Are we the only guests tonight?,” I asked. She nodded.

“Two foreigners just checked out this morning,” she continued.

Different arts encircled the arrival area: paintings on the wall and wire arts are displayed on the table which are for sale. I started to perceive the artsy surroundings. Upon settling the payment, Php 350 per head for the dorm, she led us to our room with the beds covered with mosquito net. I read from reviews that mosquitoes rule in the area.

With just a blink of an eye, our gadgets were plugged in on the nearest power sources for recharging. WiFi is also available.

We were supposedly having a dinner in their restaurant but the chef was unfortunately not around. It led us to have a pizza delivery from Northern Lights restaurant.

After we freshen up, we proceeded to the lounge and hang-out area where different activities can be done such as playing chess on a large chess board, books and magazines are also available for readings, or just stay at the hammocks. We started to imagine how great the place is during day time. We considered waking up early the next day to roam around and enjoy the artistic quality of the place before we leave.

Unluckily, I received a text message from Cebu Pacific informing me that my flight back to Cebu was cancelled. The turn of events pissed me and the serene mood in Enigmata became an irritating one. Check out the cancelled flight experience here.

The plan to wake up the next morning really happened, not for us to enjoy the place any longer, but to prepare to leave for us to catch the earliest ferry in Benoni Port to Balingoan Port.

After my Camiguin trip, I found out that Enigmata Tree House Eco Lodge is being managed by artists that have the objectives of strengthening biodiversity art education through different ways of artistic expressions, create art products, and public spaces for cultural exchange, facilitate people to people fair travel experience and also to strengthen volunteerism of the global community.

They implement this home stay standard where they provide a unique opportunity for travelers to connect with people and culture away from the typical hotel/resort conveniences like TV or air conditioning.

Our stay in Enigmata, though short, gave us an exceptional stay and tried to live with the place’s mission, to let its visitors open their eyes and enter the journey inwards the creative circles of the mind, as what the word “Enigmata” literally means.

Maubog, Balbagon, Mambajao, Camiguin Island
Website: http://camiguinecolodge.org/
Email: enigmatatreehouse@gmail.com
Contact Nos.: +63919-999-9877 / +63917-326-4474



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