Post-It Invasion in Cafe Namoo, Cebu City


Elevator is available but the flight of stairs seemed to be a short alley for me as I was eager to try a recommended coffee shop in Cebu City, Café Namoo.

Standing in front of the coffee place, I was shocked by its interiors and even doubted if it was really the place people talk about. The kitschy café was full of post-it and colorful sticky notes. Not that the square sheets of paper are part of the interior design, rather one of the things you can do on your stay.

You can write down on these multi-colored papers anything you like and post it anywhere in the café: on the ceiling, walls, stairs of the bunk lounge areas, and maybe even on the foreheads of the crew. The place has this concept of bunk-beds as lounge areas instead of the usual cozy couches and wooden tables.

Most people inside were groups of friends who are free to do anything when I say anything, play any board games, hang-out and just chill, share some stories, finish some school works, and laugh out loud without thinking if they bother other people.

They have the usual frappuccinos, hot and iced coffees with their own take. Frap at Php 170 is pricey but the serving is huge and quality of the beverage is great.

One thing, if you settled in the areas far away from the counter, the only mean for you to call the attention of the crew is by going to the counter because some areas are not noticeable. They require each customer to buy at least one beverage and only allow for at most 3 hours of stay. By the way, Wifi connection is good.

Overall, Café Namoo, with its post-it having some rants, thoughts, quotes about anything, is an ideal place for friends to hang-out and bond, but it is not a conducive place to read, study or work.


2/F Northgate Centre Building, Banilad, Cebu City
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