dessert museum

The Dessert Museum: Favorite Desserts Come to Life

Who doesn’t like desserts? No one. It's one of my guilty pleasures and kryptonite. From ice cream, cakes, pie, to brownies, cookies, and even...
bambike tours

Bambike Tours: Exploring Intramuros on Bamboo Bikes

If you're following my social media, you've probably heard about how I forced myself to learn how to bike. With some destinations for my...
intramuros walk this way tour

Intramuros Walk This Way Tour with Carlos Celdran

Before anything else, Carlos Celdran's Intramuros Walk This Way Tour is not for everyone. If you're a historical buff and just want to see...
singapore first timer

SINGAPORE | Things to Do in Singapore for First Timers

Singapore is a quick international getaway for Filipinos. A lot of Filipino travelers even consider the country for their first overseas travel. With Singapore...
singapore botanic gardens

SINGAPORE | Lush Surroundings of Singapore Botanic Gardens

When we stayed at Hotel Jen Tanglin Road, I mentioned to a friend that a UNESCO World Heritage Site is in the neighborhood. A...

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