yangmingshan national park

TAIPEI | Nature Walks in Yangmingshan National Park

On the last approach of the bus to its terminal station, I noticed that most locals left inside the vehicle were aged forty and...
taiwan northern coast yehliu keelung jiufen

TAIPEI | Taiwan Northern Coast: Yehliu, Keelung, and Jiufen

Ros, a colleague back in Cebu taking her post-graduate studies in Taiwan, decided to join us on our trip to Taiwan northern coast. Tight...
traveling alone

Why Do I Keep on Traveling Alone?

Dark clouds hovered Orchard Road as I walked to the last spot on my Singapore Art Trail. Winsland House II has two art installations;...
dessert museum

The Dessert Museum: Favorite Desserts Come to Life

Who doesn’t like desserts? No one. It's one of my guilty pleasures and kryptonite. From ice cream, cakes, pie, to brownies, cookies, and even...
bambike tours

Bambike Tours: Exploring Intramuros on Bamboo Bikes

If you're following my social media, you've probably heard about how I forced myself to learn how to bike. With some destinations for my...

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