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Alor’s Home Kitchen

Decades of Happiness: Yummy/Alor’s Home Kitchen, Davao City

Before fast-food chains sprouted ubiquitously like mushrooms in every part of the country, there are these local restaurants, which your family visits during Sundays...
seda abreeza hotel

Surprising Stay in SEDA Abreeza Hotel, Davao

Right in the middle of Davao City, between the crowded Lanang area and the busy city center of Davao, is a sleek and contemporary...
waterfront insular hotel davao

Lazy Mornings in Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

Tranquil, a feeling I was seeking on my first visit to Davao City a few months ago. I know that the city has numerous...
Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp

Feels Like Home at Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp., Davao City

Last time I went there was unplanned when the taxi driver recommended Lachi's for late lunch. Prior to Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015, I...
marco polo davao

Marco Polo Davao’s Polo Bistro Pool Lounge

Summer heat infiltrated the pool deck of Marco Polo Davao as kids cheerfully swim in the hotel’s lap pool. I searched for my shades...
Vikings Luxury Buffet SM Lanang

Eat Like a King in Vikings Luxury Buffet SM Lanang

Vikings Luxury Buffet is one of the things I really miss when I moved to Cebu from Manila because they offer an affordable rate...
Saging Repablik

Saging Repablik: More Bananas, No Pajamas

Lakatan. Latundan. Saba. Cavendish. Cardava. I know that these are varieties of banana but I had no idea that they are also cities in...
Philippine Eagle

Mighty Birds of Philippine Eagle Center

Philippine Eagle. One of the topics during elementary that made me fascinated and eager to visit Davao. From that moment, I really wanted to meet...
Where to Eat in Davao

Davao Plates Part 1: Where to Eat in Davao City

Prior to my first Davao trip, I was really worried on how much pounds I gained for the past weeks, perks of having a...
D’ Bone Collector Museum

Deboning D’ Bone Collector Museum, Davao City

“Maayong Buntag,” a foreigner who speak fluently in Bisaya welcomed me on a success search and finally arriving in D’ Bone Collector Museum. I...

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