ALBAY | Different Angles of Mayon Volcano


Most of us learned from grade school the different land formations such as mountain, volcano, valley, and others. One of the images on textbooks and charts is the perfectly-coned volcano in Albay, the Mayon Volcano. During those years, every one dreamt of visiting and seeing this landform with our own bare eyes.

Location: Plane going back to Manila.

Finally, this dream came true with my travel to Albay and Sorsogon last month. Mayon Volcano hid most of the time under the clouds during my 4-day stay in the province. When I arrived in Legazpi Airport, the upper half of Mayon was covered with thick clouds.  Getting a clearer and nicer shot of the volcano is a bit challenging and difficult.

Location: Helipad at the Mayon Lava Flow.

On my visit to Lignon Hill, the volcano showed up in full but it’s getting dark that time and a lesser quality landscape view was taken. During my visit to Albay, I took shots of Mayon Volcano from different locations. Take a look at the different angles of Mayon.

Location: Ligñon Hill.
Location: Bacacay, Albay.
Location: Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine.
Location: Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga, Albay.


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