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With my arrival at Narita International Airport around 10 in the evening, I decided to book an accommodation within Asakusa. When I checked accommodations on Traveloka app, one of the cheapest was Hostel East57. Rates were affordable plus I was able to get a discount to slash the total cost because of Traveloka’s promo codes. Hostel EAST57 is near Asakusabashi Station. Its location is perfect because most of the destinations on my first two days in Tokyo are within Asakusa and Ueno area.

hostel east57 bar and cafe tokyo
Bar and restaurant on Hostel East57’s main building.

The hostel has two properties, a block away from each other, and I was billeted on the recent one. The bar and restaurant on the main building were still open on my arrival. A guy on the front-desk asked for my passport for the check-in process. Another traveler was also checking in when I arrived at the front office. After photocopying our passports, he asked us to follow him to their annex building.

A block away, we arrived at the other building with some part of the ground floor crowded with laundry facilities. The first guy handed over our check-in forms to his mates who gave us set of house rules and our keycard. Starving, I asked for assistance on operating the microwave, labels are in Japanese characters, to heat the food I got from Family Mart at the airport. The meal was my dinner for that day.

hostel east57 bunk beds
That’s my bed with my two backpacks.

My request for a lower bunk was granted but I was disappointed to find out that the bunk I was assigned to has the worst location. It’s not a capsule bed but the layout of the bunks made my bed look like one. Tight space going inside the bed.

hostel east57 tokyo bunk beds
Nice bunks but not mine.

Bed has one pillow, a soft sheet, and on it are two towels; bath and face. A safe, that can accommodate only those tiny stuff of yours, is available overhead, near the light source. There are also two power sources for charging your gadgets. Since the lockers available are only about 6x12inches, most backpacks and luggage of guests block the walkways.

hostel east57 toilet
Superb toilet facilities.

It was good to know though that all floors have a toilet facility so no more need to go to the sixth floor when you need to pee. Shower facilities are on the topmost floor complete with hot and cold shower and essentials like shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Hairdryers are also provided.

hostel east57
Clean and well-maintained sink area.
hostel east57 shower area
Shower area.

Common area is on one corner of the ground floor, bordered by the laundry facilities and the front office. It can get noisy at times as the laundry facilities are open for non-guests. A microwave and hot water dispenser are available near the front-desk. A coffee machine, dispensing basic hot and cold coffee beverages, will be your friend for your coffee fix. Not for free though.

hostel east57 common area
Common lounge on the annex building.

One of their staff on the annex building can’t speak English that well. This made him unhelpful at times because he just answers no if he doesn’t understand you. I think it’s his way of cutting the conversation short. My card-reader was not working and I asked him if I could try it on their laptop to check if the reader was really the problem. He mentioned that the laptop is only for the staff. I was fine with it but when I asked him where can I buy one (pointing to my card reader), he just ignored me with his hand gesturing a ‘no’ sign.

hostel east57 laundry facilities
Hostel East57 common area and at the same time laundry facilities.

The only downside of the hotel being near to the subway rail is that you can hear the screeching metals. You can also feel the quivers when a train swifts by the area. Nonetheless, Hostel East57 is still a good and affordable place to stay when you’re in Tokyo. Asakusa is a hot spot for tourists and waiting for late afternoon on these attractions will allow you to enjoy them sans the crowd. This makes Hostel East57 a good option.




11-0052 Tōkyō-to, Taitō-ku,
Yanagibashi, 1 Chome-15



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