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When I dropped all the destinations on Google map, it seems that some of the interesting sights in Kyoto are bunched on the northern part of the city. With that, I intended to look for a stay within that area. Another goal was also to move away from the busy and heavy loaded main streets of Kyoto. Gladly, Lund House offers cheap dorm rates and nice facilities.

lund house entrance
Gateway to a warm Japanese hospitality in Kyoto.

At first, from Kyoto Station, you’ll be worried about the distance of the guesthouse. However, you’ll thank them when you arrived and find out the accessibility of the place to must-visited sights in Kyoto. Going there was very easy because Mai, the one who manages the booking of Lund House, already sends you a detailed information as to what bus and terminal to wait, and exact station to get off the bus.

lund house kyoto
Lund House is on the third floor of the building.

The place is located on the third floor of a corner building. Once you see a 7-eleven store, if you followed Mai’s instructions right, the building is on the opposite corner of the convenience store. Ground floor is a ramen house and the second floor an Asian cafe named Inaho Restaurant.

inaho restaurant lund house
Cozy Inaho Restaurant on the second floor.

It was a rainy Kyoto when I arrived and the owner, Takashi, was there to welcome me. You can immediately recognize the warm hospitality of the owner upon arrival. He’ll check on you how was your trip and surely ask anything you need. After verifying your name on the list, he will accompany you to the third floor of the building for your bed.

lund house dorm bed
Comfy beds available at Lund House.

During arrival, you can see a map with a sticky note on your bed. The sheet of paper indicates and marks the nearest bus stop from the guesthouse for an easier navigation of the area. Wi-Fi password was also added as well as a note in using the lock for the lockers. Speaking of lockers, it’s so big you can fit a medium-sized luggage.

Lund House is a small guesthouse with the entire floor just their space. It has three divisions with two for shared and the other, private. Curtains on each bed provide more privacy for guests as it can cover all sides of the bunk. Soft mattress, thick comforters, and a small pillow await guests for a good night sleep. Each bed has a light and power outlet.

lund house sink

Just outside the dorm room is the toilet, automatic of course. Next to it is a sink complete with kitchen utensils available for use. You can also use the microwave, fridge, and water heater for free. Shower and laundry area are located few meters from the entrance to the restaurant.

lund house shower area
Shower and laundry area.

Takashi is very friendly and accommodates his guests as friends. He even offered me free coffee and sake. The hostel has these filers containing all shrines, temples, palaces, gardens, and even onsen and sento places in Kyoto. Not only that, each has its own brief history and quickest route to take using Kyoto’s public transportation.

lund house facilities
Facilities available like microwave, water heater, and television.
lund house common area
Lund House common area.

For doing some errands and planning your future days in Japan, the living room of the place serves as the common lounge. It has a low table, a Japanese furniture that will require you to sit on the floor. Breakfast is not included on dorm rates but for JPY500, you can have an authentic Japanese breakfast served at Inaho Restaurant.

Lund House still embodies ryokan, the traditional Japanese inn, that serves travelers along Japan’s highways. The low tables, the flooring, and sliding doors will give you the feel of the traditional Japanese accommodation. Apart from that, the breakfast set adds to the experience plus the most important part of ryokan tradition, you can talk to the owner.

lund house neighborhood
Lovely neighborhood has this veggie stores apart from a lot of ramen houses.

The neighborhood also makes a good place for an early walk. Join the locals commuting to work on an early day or just take a bike to smaller shrines nearby. Later in the afternoon, people visit the street as its famous for ramen houses. Most shops on the entire avenue offer ramen and each ensures a best ramen experience.

lund house restaurant
If you had enough of Japanese cuisine, Inaho Restaurant on the second floor offers other Asian food such as this green curry.

So if you’re yearning for a warm Japanese hospitality, affordable semi-ryokan experience and a relaxing stay, and cheap bowls of ramen, Lund House surely won’t disappoint you. These are only added perks for its location near to some of Kyoto’s must-visit attractions.


33-4 Takanomaoka-cho, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto, Japan, 606-8106
Contact No.: +8175-702-7934
Facebook Page Here.


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