SIQUIJOR | JJ’s Backpackers Village, Haven for Solo Travelers in Siquijor


Travelers visiting Siquijor on shoestring seek backpacker dorms to spend less on their budget but ensuring that they still enjoy the destination. Locals near the port already transmit the negative feeling by ensuring that most of the backpacker lodges in San Juan were already fully booked. We still have high hopes though and didn’t mind their comments.

backpacker lodges in San Juan

Our first option, prior to visiting Siquijor, is Charisma Beach Resort because the resort has a dormitory type of accommodation. There was no vacancy though when we inquired. I called Tori’s Backpacker but they said that they were fully-booked too. We rented a bike and hopped from one resort to another.

JJ’s Backpackers Village saved us with three bunk beds to be vacated by foreign tourists later in the afternoon. We immediately ensured the owner if we could avail the beds, and after verifying it with their guests, they secured our payments. The beachfront accommodation kept us away from sleeping on some beach of Siquijor, which was actually an option.

The backpacker guesthouse has several bungalow cottages of which can fit up to 6 or 8 persons at Php350 per bed. Aside from the dorms, private rooms are also available (forgot to ask for the rates), as well as tents by the beach at Php250 per person.

Huge and wide lockers, with own key, are available for guests. Wall outlets can be found on the sides of the lower beds and means that guests occupying the upper bunks still need to go down to plug their gadgets. The room is not air-conditioned but wall and ceiling fans ventilate the entire room. Beds are larger than usual that two foreign guests shared a single bed.

Our room, nearest to the front office, is spacious good for 6 and has its own toilet and bath but expect it to be basic, only cold shower with minor problems on water pressure. In addition to the en-suite toilet, there are common restrooms and showers for other guests using shared rooms and tents. They provided clean towels for free when I asked one.

The front office of the beach resort serves as bar and lounge area for travelers. The owners have this collection of books to read that will require you to stay for a year just to finish all of it. Another common area by the beach also serves as the resort’s restaurant, is haven for backpackers for some me-time. Next to the tents are two net hammocks for some power naps. I suggest you wait for sundown on JJ’s Backpackers beachfront and be amazed by the stunning colors on the horizon.


Rates don’t include breakfast but you can have a hearty meal by the beach at affordable prices. Toasted bread, bacon, two eggs and coffee (Php120) plus the superb papaya juice (Php60) was my fulfilling breakfast on a Sunday morning in Siquijor. Munching your meal and viewing the beautiful beach of San Juan, has this stress-free vibe that is perfect for a much-needed rest and relaxation.

The member of the staff gladly answer our inquiries in terms of the ferry schedules, how to go around the island, and places to eat. Locals are not recommending the place though because the owner, a foreign national, is somewhat rude. We haven’t got the chance to talk to him because his wife and the friendly staff were the ones who attended our needs. Overall, JJ’s Backpackers Village is an ideal place to stay in Siquijor.



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