Channeling my Inner Tarzan in Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor


Travel buddies just had their third swing and were definitely enjoying the activity in Cambugahay Falls while I was still building my courage to grab the vine and take my turn. Convincing me to jump in the fall’s lagoon took a bit of time that a local even volunteered as my spotter in the water. Three deep breathes ignited my guts and after a couple of minutes, I already caught up with the number of swings they had.

From San Isidro Church and Convent, we followed the dirt and dusty road to the destination and decided to stop after seeing a lot of motorbikes and vehicles parked under the shades of trees. A vehicle parking fee of Php 10 is being collected prior to parking.

The turquoise water of the falls, peeking from the soaring coconut trees and some shrubs, is already evident from the flight of stairs. And I tell you, the partial view will charm and excite you and disregard the struggles of descending the steep and uneven stairs.

Cambugahay Falls is not that high compared to other waterfalls in the country. But what makes it stand out from the others is the lush environment that surrounds the place. Absence of cottages and other structures in the vicinity of the falls also flourish the serene and charming vibe of the attraction. It is a three-tiered waterfall but most tourists stay on the first where the swing is located.

There are no life vests being offered for tourists but there are locals who may serve as your lifeguard and will assist and wait in the water while you do your Tarzan swing. The water is not that deep for the swing, just around 6 feet. For more enthusiastic travelers, you could also try jumping from the waterfall itself. A travel companion tried and said that the water is a bit deep. Locals are not collecting any fee but it’s not bad to give them a tip when you leave.

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I know I had difficulties at first when deciding to try the Tarzan swing or not. But once you experience the excitement and joy of swaying and jumping on the water, you’ll feel like a kid again and will definitely try it multiple times. Just in case you don’t have enough courage for the Tarzan swing, the cold water of the pool can already be your reward.

We didn’t expect to stay for more than an hour in Cambugahay Falls and by this, we really enjoyed our visit. If you’re planning to include Cambugahay Falls on your Siquijor itinerary, I suggest you better prepare for the short trek going down to the falls, bring some food with you, be mindful of your belongings, and don’t forget to channel the inner Tarzan in you.


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