PALAWAN | MICROTEL PALAWAN: Away From Puerto Princesa’s Touristy Route


Arrivals in Puerto Princesa airport were busy due to a national congress. A group of performers welcomes all participants by a folk dance presentation. I’m not part of the big event yet I stood for a couple of minutes just watching the graceful moves of the dancers. After some minutes, I remembered that I need to find the shuttle of Microtel Puerto Princesa for me to proceed to the resort.

I really enjoy taking photos during blue hour and I found a great spot to have it during my stay in Microtel Palawan.

Online reviews say that its location is a bit far from the airport but I didn’t expect the travel time to be that long. It took us almost 30 minutes, including traffic. I got off the shuttle van and was welcomed by the prominent blue window panes utilized on the entire hotel. Prepare to be impressed by the artistic lobby having furniture made of woods. They also have this circular lounge chair on one of the corners of the lobby.

Blue is everywhere in the lobby.

Blue colors extend up to the lounge area adjacent to the lobby crowded by chairs painted with the perfectly hued color. Here, you can have your daily dose of caffeine available on the vending machine 24 hours, as well as mineral water, all for free. The area has two lounge chairs facing the beach that can be used by guests when reading a book or simply relaxing with the cool breeze from the sea.

Rooms facing the sea.

It was almost 6 in the evening and I really wanted to take a rest on the chiropractor-approved bed but I needed to have dinner first. Since Microtel Puerto Princesa is a bit away from the city proper, you will either have your meals at their in-house restaurant, Senordamla, or take the free hourly shuttle from the hotel to Robinsons and back, available from 11AM to 800PM.

Other night shots I took while lazing by the beach.

The last schedule of the shuttle was already full as per the staff at the front desk so I decided to avail the first option. It’s more convenient than making my way back to city proper just to have a short dinner. Senordamla has wide options of food available; I just forgot to pay attention to these as I was really hungry. I got myself a Linguine Marinara (Php250++) pasta with mixed seafood in tomato sauce. Serving time was quick without compromising the quality of the food served: fresh shrimp, squid, fish, clam, plus the sauce had the right amount of tomato kick.

Linguine Marinara Pasta.

After a generous plate of pasta, I went back to my room, straight to the full-sized bathroom to have a shower. Towels (face, hand, bath, and foot) and toiletries such as shampoo with conditioner, and soap were available. I called the front desk to request for a dental kit. Few seconds later, a staff knocked on my room and handed me the item. Shower is overhead rainspout and hot and cold ready.

Queen Double Rooms, around Php4500 – Php5000 a night.

It was eight months ago since my last stay in a Microtel hotel and I really miss the meticulously draped chiropractor-approved beds that never fail to provide a very relaxing sleep. Lying down on the bed while watching your favorite show on the cable-enabled television, is the other thing to do inside your room, aside from sleeping. For business people who badly need internet to continue their work while enjoying the facilities of Microtel, internet data ports are also available.

Additional perks of having a Queen Suite: living room with counter and sink, and bath tub.

Going back to the issue of its location, the major reward you’ll probably get is a more serene, and laidback surrounding away from the touristy streets of Puerto Princesa. With this, expect an astounding sleep with your air-conditioned room being ventilated properly by a ceiling fan. The hammocks by the beach can also serve as your nap area, that’s how peaceful the area is.

Good morning Palawan!

I managed to wake up early the next day to wait for sunset. The event didn’t disappoint me as the sea, on low-tide, slowly glistened by the morning sun. Buffet breakfast is being served in Senordamla and on my stay; viands include fried bangus (milkfish), longganisa (sausage), and corned beef. In addition were macaroni soup, garden salad, cereals, bread, and pastries. You can customize your omelet by approaching the chef on the far end of the buffet.

Very Filipino way of starting your day in Puerto Princesa.

Out of these great facilities that Microtel Puerto Princesa offers, the main criterion is still focused on how the hotel/resort staff welcomes and accommodates their guests. Staffs were very attending on my requests like reserving a seat on the earliest shuttle schedule and providing needs like the dental kit and beach towel. They also made my stay in Puerto Princesa worry-free by helping me contact bus lines to ask for schedules going to El Nido, and even dropped me in San Jose Market on the night when I headed to my next destination.

Emerald Beach, San Jose,
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, PH
Phone Number: +63 (48) 723 0977 | + 63 (48) 723 1018
Mobile Number: +63 (917) 549 7363 | +63 (908) 862 8081


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