All-day Breakfast at Missy Bon Bon Breadshop, Cagayan de Oro


When I attended Davao Food Appreciation Tour last May 2015, Missy Bon Bon was part of the food itinerary but they only served gelato for the participants. Some availed breads and pastries but I can’t recall if their shop in Davao serves all-day breakfast meals.

missy bon bon cagayan de oro

On our short stay in Cagayan de Oro City, we spent most of the time in Bukidnon, we were able to try the all-day breakfast restaurant. We ordered a lot but we weren’t able to savor the food that much as we needed to catch up with Magnum Express shuttle schedule to Laguindingan Airport.

missy bon bon dining area

With its bright yellow logo at the storefront, the restaurant is very homey that no wonder why people flock the place. Classy lighting fixtures adorn the dining hall while some panels of the ceiling are see-through that allows natural light to come in. We settled in one of the tables with comfy buffed leathered seats.

missy bon bon breads and pastries

A shelf of baked goodies presents Missy Bon Bon’s prime bread and pastries are waiting to be purchased before you queue to have your orders taken. Individual packages of cinnamon rolls, choco mammon, peanut brittle, ensaimada, and muffin, range from Php29 to 69. Adjacent to it is a chiller where a dozen of gelato flavors are also ready for some scoops.

missy bon bon gelato

Food options vary from pancakes and toast, pasta, Filipino breakfast, hefty American plates, hearty rice meals, and signature sandwiches. For all meals, you can avail add-ons like coffee, juice, soup, or salad.

We were three but we got Huckleberry Pancake (Php165), Cheezy Chicken (Php99), Garlic Porkchop (Php99), Tropicana Fish (Php99), Fresh Lumpia (Php99), Cake and Blueberry Gelato (Php109), and Caesar Salad add-on (Php65).

missy bon bon cake with gelato
Chocolate cake and blueberry gelato. You can pick your desired gelato flavor.

Shuttle schedule made us worried so we asked for the dessert first while they prepare for the other orders. A scoop of blueberry gelato was on top of the cake having a tiny layer of cream and drizzled with chocolate powder. The cake was not that moist but we loved the blended flavor of the cake and the gelato.

missy bon bon caesar salad
Caesar salad add-on worth Php65.

Caesar salad came next with fresh lettuce, slices of tomato, toasted croutons, and juicy chicken chunks. A small saucer had the dressing which I preferred to be tossed with the salad. Anyhow, the grated cheese didn’t help a lot.

missy bon bon huckleberry pancake
Fluffy pancakes of Huckleberry pancake.

Huckleberry Pancakes were not my order but my eyes were glued to the plate when it was served on our table. Two big fluffy pancakes with powdered sugar, blueberry jam, and butter covered the entire plate. There were also cubes of watermelon and apples and a small jar of syrup on the side.

missy bon bon garlic porkchop
Garlic porkchop served with pickled papaya.

Rice meals arrived on our table at the same time. Crunchy batter of the garlic pork-chop was really flavorful and the meat was a bit chewy which was good. Cheezy chicken has a generous serving of cheese that literally roofed the bowl hiding the chicken, rice, and some sautéed veggies. For Tropicana Fish, the fish maintained its crunchiness even the sweet and sour sauce drenched the entire of it.

missy bon bon cheezey chicken
Cheezy chicken.
missy bon bon tropicana fish
Sweet and sour Tropicana fish.

Fresh lumpia is a must item on their merienda list. Filling and flavor were just the usual things present in a fresh lumpia. But what makes it discernible from the common merienda special is its wrapper. The wrapper was actually comparable to a crêpe; soft, creamy, and sweet.

missy bon bon fresh lumpia
Must try Missy Bon Bon’s fresh lumpia.

It was a swift dining experience in Missy Bon Bon because of the shuttle dilemma to the airport. This reason encourages me to go back next time and make sure that I’m not in a hurry. And also to try the full-American breakfast because sausages ran out during our visit.


Lim Ket Kai Mall, Rosario Drive
Robinsons, Cagayan De Oro City
Open: 6AM – 10PM
Contact No.: +639177062797


  1. I was really drooling on those pretty pancakes but due to the lack of time and Shugah’s slight indication that she’s not willing to share it, I didn’t attempt to murder it. oops. nyahahaha. I really wish we had more time to simply feast on more food choices RJ. And as you said, more reason to go back to Missy Bon Bon! 🙂


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