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Coffee is my usual habit first thing when I wake up. Having a work that requires me to report from 2-11PM makes me skip breakfast because my wake up time is around noon. Some researchers say that breakfast dictates the mood of an individual for the entire day. With most corporate employees nowadays have different working hours, breakfast time also shifted and can now be consumed any time of the day. All-day breakfast restaurants are the one in-charge on these cases. YOLK Coffee and Breakfast in Mabolo, Cebu City is one of them.

New all-day breakfast restaurant in town!

One Friday morning when workmates decided to try the newly opened cafe to sample the meals being served. It is easy to locate because the place is situated on a road near Cebu Business Park and Ayala Center Cebu.

The overall ambiance is light and cozy. A couch, near the entrance, can also serve as either lounge or dining area for some catch-ups with friends and families. They have dozens of travel and leisure magazines, as well as newspapers, to accompany you in having a relaxing sip of quality prepared coffee.

They also serve some pastries.

I commend the courage they exerted in coming up with the 3-page, having the right number of items, and well laid-out menu because having a crowded list always leads to uncertainty when it comes to ordering. Meals are clustered into major groups like It’s All About The Eggs, Egg-ceptional Omelettes, Bread Glorious Bread, and Plates, and of course, the coffee section. In addition, the restaurant also offers Pumpkin Salad (Php260), pancakes, French toast and Goodness-in-a-Jar (granola, peanut butter, banana, and yogurt).

Artsy wall decorations.

Bacon is a real enticement and I conceded with the Eggs Benny Bacon for my order. Other members of the group tried the Bacon and Mushroom Dream, Super Beefy Omelette, DIY Omelette, and Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan, and Croissant with Nutella, and Fluffy pancakes for dessert.

There are limited tables and I wonder if the management has the plan of extending the dining area. The cute mason jars used as lighting fixtures are really appealing and the artsy handcrafted items displayed on the shelves add up to the upscale atmosphere.

Eggs Benny Bacon (Php250).

Eggs Benny Bacon (Php250) is surprising with its hefty serving of toasted Italian bread that was generously covered with strips of bacon, lettuce, topped with poached eggs and drizzled with the calamansi-infused Hollandaise sauce. On the side is a green salad that was perfectly blended with their own balsamic vinaigrette. After pushing everything on my tummy, I felt sleepy and wanted to take a nap on the nearby couch.

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Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan (Php310).
Super Beefy Omelette (Php180).

Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan (Php310) is Spanish chorizo, with tomato, basil, and eggs on a sizzling plate with free salad and toast, or garlic rice. Bacon and Mushroom Dream (Php180) on the other hand, is steamed eggs, bacon, and mushroom with toast and salad. All omelets come with free salad and toast. Super Beefy Omelette (Php180) is not your usual one because it has homemade slow-cooked, super beefy, corned beef and cheese in it. You can also make your own omelet by choosing any 2 or 3 fillings on their list of ingredients.

Bacon and Mushroom Dream (Php180).

It’s so Fluffy Pancakes (Php180) and Croissant with Nutella (Php50).

For dessert and drinks, the It’s so Fluffy Pancakes mini (Php180) is a 3-layer pancake topped with peach-mango compote and whipped cream with free small bowl of maple syrup. As per the people who tried the Iced Mocha, it’s a must.

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The unique experience was ended with a group photo on the couch and me striking a rare moment for a photo on the world map known as the #TheYOLKWall. I will probably go back to experience their coffee because I was consumed by the hefty serving of Eggs Benny Bacon. Breakfast skips no more!


80 Tres Borces St., Mabolo, Cebu City
Operating Hours: Tues – Sun 7:30AM to 10:00PM


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