Tam-Awan Village: Cordilleran Arts and Culture


The culture of the highlanders is one of the most interesting topics in every Philippine history class. You’ll get to see native huts, locals wearing their colorful traditional costumes, the rituals and the dances. Since I’m checking on every museum available on the destinations I visit, I didn’t let the opportunity to check out Tam-Awan Village located a few kilometers from Baguio City proper.

Popartrazzi (Buffalo Horn and Molave) by Clinton P. Aniversario.

Tam-awan Village located at Pinsao Proper, preserves arts and culture of the Cordillerans by blending distinctively aboriginal aesthetics and fine craftsmanship with an artist’s concept for a village adapting the Baguio setting. The local term “tam-awan” means “vantage point.”

One of the art installations dispersed around the place.
Trails going to the upper areas of the village.

The village was established by the Chanum Foundation Inc. “who began to reconstruct Ifugao houses in Baguio with the view of making a model village accessible to people who have not had the chance to travel to the Cordillera interior. Building on the land near an abundant spring, the foundation started out with three knocked-down huts transported from Banga-an, Ifugao. Using the original materials and adding only new cogon roofs, traditional artisans reconstructed the houses and laid them out resembling the design of the traditional Cordillera village.” – Tam-awan Village Website

A cultural dance is being performed on regular times of the day near the Dap-ay to welcome visitors to the village-museum. I wasn’t able to ask about the dance they have performed but it resembles the Tachok, a Kalinga Festival dance accompanied by gongs where the dancers imitate the moves of a bird flying in the air.

Bamboo bridges.

The village’s main attractions are the authentic Ifugao huts namely: Alang, Bangaan, Duklingan, Anaba, Agape, Kinakin, and Luccong. Some of these huts are also available for overnight accommodation.

Alang (rice granary) plays an important role in the Cordilleran rice agriculture.
Bululs (Rice Gods) are placed near the Alang to guard the harvest.

DUKLINGAN (Ifugao Hut). The fertility hut such that it is where a married couple resides after a year of inability to produce a child. The shaman performs a ritual offering to the male and female bulols. The couple will then stay in the hut for a month or so. If after this period expires and still they are unable to produce a child, the man has the right to find another woman, although the marriage is still in effect. The cycle is repeated and then the woman may now find another man. The purpose of which is to determine who among the couple is infertile.

Duklingan Ifugao hut.

An Art Exhibit is also being housed in one of the galleries. During my visit, featured artist was Clinton P. Aniversario showcasing his skills in sculpture and mixed media. Most of his works inside the gallery were wood sculptures using molave, narra, mahogany and anonang woods. What caught my attention was his installation called Popartrazzi, an 18inx11in sculpture made from molave and buffalo horn (the first photo on this post.)

Other works of Clinton P. Aniversario: Water, Air and Land, The Hostage and LingLing-O.

They also have their in-house restaurant where you can taste the flavors of Cordillera. Selection includes appetizers, salads, all-day-breakfast, lunch meals, pasta, burgers and desserts.

Comfort Room doors.

During 3PM or later, you can see on a clear sky the West Philippine Sea from the view decks of Tam-Awan Village which is also tagged as the Garden in the Sky. Other features and activities include: venue for conferences, seminars, and workshops, dap-ay (stone-pave gathering place), art and gallery crafts shop, wishing pond, indigenous flora and fauna, camping, livelihood and crafts demonstrations, and cultural shows.


  • Entrace Fees
  • Children     Php20
  • Student     Php30
  • Adult     Php50
  • Picnic Fee (9am to 6pm) Php200/group of 10 (Entrance excluded) Additional Php20/pax
  • Bonfire Fee (6pm to 11pm) Php120 each (Entrance excluded)
  • Use of Hut W/O Beddings Php500/hut/day (Entrance excluded)
  • Function Fee Php8000 maximum of 40 pax
  • Cultural Show Php5000
  • Workshop Php450/module/person


By Jeep: Quezon Hill – Tam-Awan Jeep or Long-Long via Tam-awan Jeep from Kayang Street, Baguio City Market
By Taxi: Give directions for Tam-Awan Village, Pinsao Proper


366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio City
Contact Nos: (074) 446-2949 and 0915-9488773
Email: tamawanvillage@gmail.com
Website: www.tam-awanvillage.com



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