The Dessert Museum: Favorite Desserts Come to Life


Who doesn’t like desserts? No one. It’s one of my guilty pleasures and kryptonite. From ice cream, cakes, pie, to brownies, cookies, and even donuts and mallows. But what if your favorite desserts come in big packages? Like donuts as big as your face, marshmallows in the size of your fist, and towering cotton candy trees? The Dessert Museum in Pasay City finally opened its doors to everyone who once believed that dessert parks exist.

the dessert museum manila
The Dessert Museum is finally here!

If you once believed in the existence of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel, visiting The Dessert Museum will fulfill your dreams with a sugar-filled experience on their eight dessert rooms spread on a 12,000-square feet museum. The one-of-a-kind museum is located in Level 1, S Maison, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay City.

dessert museum
My previous team lead, the lady behind the blog The Classy Poor, joined me on a fun-filled afternoon at Dessert Museum.

The Dessert Museum is open from 10 AM to 10 PM with the last admission at 8 PM. Prepare for a 2-hour sugar-rush around the museum with its eight rooms: raining donuts, ten thousand marshmallows, candy cane, ice cream, never-ending bubbles, land of giant gummies, cotton candy forest, and cake pops carnival.

All museumgoers will be given 15 minutes to enjoy every room of the Dessert Museum. Museum attendants who serve as guides are in-charged of monitoring the time and ensuring that all members of the batch will move from one room to another. Enforcing a batch system and limiting the stay in each room make the museum visit more organized by not making the rooms too crowded for everyone.

dessert museum

The in-house guides only served as time and doorkeepers. At first, I thought that they will provide fun facts about the dessert rooms explaining its origins and everything related it. Because how will the place live up its museum spirit without the amazing facts right? However, it was also great to maximize the 15-minute time limit per room just enjoying the colorful backdrops for Instagram-worthy photos.

dessert museum free desserts
Free desserts like these macaroons.

Though the desserts used to decorate the Dessert Museum’s themed rooms are not edible, everyone will still be rewarded with confectionaries and get six mouthwatering desserts. From marshmallows, macaroons, ice drop, cotton candy, gummy bears, and cake pops. An RFID wristband will be given to everyone and this will be your ticket in claiming your free desserts.

Dessert Museum tickets are available online for Php699 and Php799 for walk-in rates. But we found out that Klook offers Dessert Museum tickets for only Php640. When you book your Dessert Museum ticket from Klook, you are required to pick a preferred time slot. Please ensure though that you’ll be at the museum’s entrance before your time schedule.

dessert museum souvenir
Dessert souvenirs for sale.

My personal favorite is the Candy Cane Grove room where you have the naughty or nice doors and the entire room split into blue and pink sections. There are also Instagram-worthy sections like the ball room, jump ropes, seesaw, and swing. We forgot to track our time and were left behind by our group.

dessert museum candy cane grove
Seesaw battle! Naughty vs nice.

Here’s our sugar-filled experience in the Dessert Museum’s eight mouthwatering dessert-themed rooms. Thanks to Ate Mei of The Classy Poor for joining me on such a fun-filled afternoon at the museum.

dessert museum Raining Donuts Rooms
Raining Donuts Rooms.
dessert museum Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows
Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows.
dessert museum Jump section of the Candy Cane Grove
Jump section of the Candy Cane Grove.
dessert museum Candy Cane Grove's ball room!
Candy Cane Grove’s ball room!

dessert museum ice cream room

dessert museum room of never-ending bubbles

dessert museum Land of Giant Gummies
Land of Giant Gummies.
dessert museum Cotton Candy Forest
Cotton Candy Forest.
dessert museum cotton candy forest
Free cotton candies, of course!

dessert museum cotton candy forest

dessert museum cake pop carnival room
I came in like a wrecking cake pop!

The Dessert Museum

Level 1, S Maison, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay City
Book Dessert Museum Tickets on Klook for Php640



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