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Aside from the fact that they are located in La Azotea Building along Session Road that was painted green, Azotea Greens was named as such because of the vegetarian food they offer. The vegan restaurant opened last July 2006 by the health-buff owners because they had a hard time locating for vegetarian food in Baguio.

Boladas single (5 pcs) at Php 75.

The place is located on the mezzanine of the building and I went there by accessing the first floor that resulted in entering the restaurant on its kitchen door. The entire place is a little bit dim, maybe due to its location, but the ambiance is still cozy having some dining areas like living room sets. Paintings on the walls, which are being sold, are also evident but I wasn’t able to check it one by one.

Paintings are all over the place.

They have limited menu divided into appetizers, special sandwiches, pasta, soups, all-day breakfast, rice meals/viands, and cakes. Since I’m still full, I decided to try an appetizer that caused me to choose a serving of Boladas (single) (Php 75). Beverages include steaming hot choices to cold selections. I had a glass of their refreshing Lemonada (Php 55).

I am no vegetarian but I love veggie salads. Market of the restaurant includes the health-conscious folks and the “flexitarians”. The owners coined “flexitarians” to denote those who eat meat most of the week but have their vegetarian meals occasionally.

Great artworks accompany you during your meal.

Boladas is literally a version of bola-bola but instead of ground meat, they use watercress, carrots, celery, some green and red bell pepper, formed into balls and finally deep-fried served with their homemade catsup. Since it was deep-fried, the texture is coarse yet crispy. The appetizer can actually fill-up your stomach even the ingredients are veggies.

A refreshing glass of Lemonada (Php 55).

The lemonade, on the other hand, has this certain tang that gives a unique taste from other lemonades that I’ve tasted. This certain taste perhaps is the outcome of the food preparations the owners do. So when you’re in Baguio and wanted to be flexitarians, Azotea Greens is readily available for you.


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Mezzanine, La Azotea Building, Session Road, Baguio City
Contact Nos.: 0906-464-1890 and 074-423-04-24
Facebook Page:
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am-10pm


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