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On my recent visit to Baguio City, I discovered Yamashita’s place. Let me clear things up. I’m not referring to the treasures that were allegedly stolen and were hidden in some caves and tunnels in the Philippines. I’m talking about a Japanese restaurant in General Luna Road, Yamashita Japanese Noodle House.

Yamashita’s Pork Ramen (small) at Php 140.

The place is actually not that easy to spot since the restaurant is being bordered by some larger diners. Aside from that, the restaurant marker is written in Japanese and the English translation was not printed that big. The entire place is small having only a long counter that can accommodate 8 people at the same time. They set-up some tables and chairs outside, though.

The not-so-wide Yamashita’s place in General Luna Road.

Since it is a Japanese restaurant, noodles are the main attraction on the menu: ramen, spicy ramen, pork ramen, ramen Cantonese style, and cold ramen. They also offer rice combos, curry, ala cartes such as fried chicken and gyoza. For beverages, soft and hard drinks are available as well as Japanese Sake and Korean Soju.

A small serving of their ramen is actually hefty.

Pork Ramen is a bestseller so I ordered the small one which is already large for a normal appetite. The ramen was good, the soup was not that flavorful but you can adjust it with the condiments available. Other bestsellers on their list include Sukiyaki Combo and the Mix Curry.


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General Luna Road, Baguio City
Contact No.: 0908-634-5038
Facebook Page:
Business Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am to 11pm Friday to Saturday 11am to 1am


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