SURIGAO DEL SUR | Cagwait White Beach: Boracay of CARAGA Region


Moving on from another almost scammed stint in Tandag City, I commuted from Tandag Airport to Cagwait White Beach for just Php70 far way cheaper than the Php150 rate offered by a tricycle driver for the ride from the airport to Tandag Bus Terminal, which is still an hour away from Cagwait. I just paid Php20 on a tricycle I hailed outside the airport.

Long stretch of Cagwait Beach.

The jeepney commute to Cagwait was notable because of the country music being played by the driver. With that mood, plus the lush plains of Surigao Del Sur on both sides of the road, made it more enjoyable. With my little corpus of Bisaya words, from time to time, I was also eavesdropping on some of the conversations of the locals on the entire trip.

When I got off the jeepney in Cagwait junction, rain started to pour. Luckily, a tricycle parked on the roadside was heading to Cagwait Beach. I immediately hopped on the vehicle and driver drove off to the destination. Cagwait Beach Resort, was the first accommodation I have checked because I read that they offer dorm rooms.

Discounted room availed at Monica Del Sol Resort.

The staff verified that they have dorm rooms but they don’t have solo rooms. Their dorm rooms have 3 or more beds and availing one means paying for all of it, not by beds. Php700 rate was off my budget so I asked her if there are other budget accommodations in the area.

I walked along the sand of Cagwait beach to explore the shoreline and at the same time looking for a place I could spend the night. I went as far as Spacebar Resort to ask for rates but unfortunately, all places charge beyond my budget.


Rain again joined me on my way back to Cagwait Beach Resort. The only option left was to stay in a cottage and spend the night outside. Exploring Cagwait Beach brought me to Monica Del Sol Resort located on the far left of the cove. It was already dusk and I surrendered to a Php500 worth of accommodation. I managed to ask for a discount since it was around 6PM when I checked-in. The friendly owner offered the room for Php400 instead.

Cagwait Beach in Cagwait, Surigao Del Sur is known to be the Boracay of CARAGA Region because of its fine, powdery sand that somehow turns white when the sun is high. On my visit, it was more of light brown than white maybe because it was drizzling the whole afternoon. The beach is located on a cove similar to a letter C but also being compared to a shape of a clamshell. The long stretch of beach covered the entire cove making it a great spot for some morning walk while waiting for the sun to rise since it’s also facing the Pacific.

I didn’t intend to stay longer in the area as I planned it to be just a short stop before heading to San Agustin to visit the islands of Britania. Currently, the place is not a solo friendly destination as accommodations available only cater groups of friends and families. If you’re alone, Cagwait Beach Resort mentioned allow camping but be sure to bring your own tent. Around 8AM when I headed back to the Cagwait Beach Resort from Monica Del Sol to proceed to my next destination, Britania in San Agustin, Surigao Del Sur.



From Tandag Airport / Tandag
Make your way to Tandag bus terminal where Ceres buses bound to Butuan or Davao are available. Another option is to take a jeepney ride to Aras-asan, Cagwait with Php35 fare and travel time of an hour. Tell the driver to drop you off in Cagwait junction. From junction, take a habal-habal or tricycle to Cagwait beach, with Php15 fare.

From Britania / Hinatuan
Take a bus bound for Tandag City. From Britania, San Agustin junction, fare is Php40. From Hinatuan, make your way to Barobo Terminal, and from here you can hop on a bus bound for Tandag City.


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