DIY Itinerary and Travel Guide: 4D3N Surigao Del Sur


Surigao Del Sur is one of the provinces in the CARAGA Region together with its Norte counterpart, the Agusans, and Dinagat Islands. The province boasts various natural attractions that are indeed perfect for some thrilling adventures. With its geographical location, Surigao Del Sur is previously considered as an off-the-beaten from the commercial tourism due to unavailability of transportation means. On my visit, I saw how the government tries to address this issue by installing transport terminals on every town.

On my four-day stay in the Surigao del Sur, as much as I wanted to cover and visit all attractions, the limited days to spend in Surigao Del Sur weren’t enough. However, I was able to appreciate the undemanding yet exquisite glory of famous destinations in the province. The province, situated on the east coast of Mindanao, has a total of 19 cities and municipalities and I was lucky to visit and explore five of them (six including Tandag City where the airport is located).


Cagwait White Beach is tagged as the Boracay of CARAGA Region. The stretch of beach covers a cove that resembles the shape of a clam. Sunrise is scenic on this part of the town as it faces the Pacific. Sand is not that white and powdery like Boracay but a serene place for some morning walk. The destination is still under the radar of foreign and local tourists because, on my visit, most of the groups come from the region.

The shoreline was dotted by several accommodations and day trip resorts that are aloof for solo travelers. I planned to spend the night in the area and finding a place to stay that’s within my budget was a tough one. Cagwait Beach Resort, owned and being managed by the local government, has dorm beds but eventually will charge you all beds inside the room if you’re alone.


Forty minutes from Cagwait Junction via bus is the town of San Agustin, known for the kisses islets of Britania Group of Islands with twenty plus islands to hop on. On a standard tour, a Php1500 boat rate will allow you to visit 4 islands: Hiyor-hiyoran, Naked, Hagonoy, and Boslon. The boat can accommodate up to 15 pax and is being regulated by the tourism office.

Usual first stop is Hiyor-hiyoran Island with a small portion of sand, followed by the bare Naked Island, and the long sandbar of Hagonoy Island. Last stop is the Boslon Island that serves as the place where most groups have their lunch. During low tide, a sandbar connects Boslon to the nearby islets of Panglangalan.


Barobo is not part of the usual Surigao Del Sur itinerary but since we have a spare time to spend before heading back to Butuan City, we decided to drop by the municipality. Turtle and Cabgan Islands are options for island hopping but if the Php1000 boat rent is far way off your budget, you can just visit some cold springs.


Located on a barangay near the center are two springs blessed with clear waters. Beto Cold Spring is comparable to the water of Enchanted River, blue and clear waters. Unlike the famous river, Beto Cold Spring only serves as a fun place for people living nearby. Bogac Cold Spring, on the other hand, is more developed with bolsters on the sides and some cottages.

Clear waters of Barobo don’t end there as a cave, located just along the highway, has super clear water that will trick your eyes. Locals have their usual bathes in Wakat Cave so on your visit, you might chance upon some people taking a bath. I hope the local tourism develop the cave as it has the potential for tourism. The locals also mentioned that the cave is actually a subterranean river, not sure how true is this though.


If you’re visiting Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur only for the Enchanted River, you’re a loser. Hinatuan is known for the enchanting river with water that varies from being cobalt blue to different hues, and also the innumerable fishes that swarm its lagoon around noon.

Apart from the river, island hopping is an added activity by availing tours from small outrigger boats to destinations like C-Fish Cage and Sandbars Resort, Margaret Peak Resort, Sibadan Fish Cage and Resort, Pacific View Resort, Tinago River, and Sand and Pebble Beaded Vanishing Island.


Mangangoy, the largest barangay unit in the Philippines is located in Bislig City, also home of the mighty Tinuy-an Falls. The waterfall is located 15 kilometers from the highway and the road was really rough. You can witness Tinuy-an’s grandeur when it’s meek and you can ride a raft to get a close encounter. Rainbows are ubiquitous on the raft ride as the spray of water from the falls disperses the light for a colorful spectrum of light. If you’re unlucky, a raging Tinuy-an Falls will welcome you with its intense spray and raging waters.

International Doll House and Ocean View Park can serve as a side trip after visiting Tinuy-an. The dollhouse contains varieties of dolls grouped into Barbie’s International, European, Russia, Asian, Collections and Fairy Tales, Classical, and some Clowns and Stuff Toy. The nearby restaurant offers a sweeping view of the Mangangoy and also serves affordable snacks.


Flight Details: Cebu to Tandag City, Butuan City to Cebu

0230PM – 0330PM	Cebu to Tandag via Cebu Pacific Air
0330PM – 0500PM	Tandag City to Cagwait Beach Resort
0500PM		Overnight Stay in Monica Del Sol Beach Resort

0830AM – 1000AM	Cagwait Beach Resort to Britania, San Agustin
1000AM – 0100PM	Britania Island Hopping
0100PM – 0230PM	Late lunch
0230PM – 0430PM	Britania to Hinatuan
0430PM		Overnight Stay in Marky’s Hostel

0700AM – 0800AM	Enchanted River
0800AM – 0945AM	Sibadan Fish Cage and Pangasinan Island
0945AM – 1200NN	Wait for Fish Feeding
1200NN – 0100PM	Back to Hinatuan Proper / Lunch
0100PM – 0300PM	Hinatuan to Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig City
0300PM – 0400PM	Tinuy-An Falls
0400PM – 0445PM	Travel back to Highway
0445PM – 0530PM	International Doll House
0530PM – 0600PM	Snack at Ocean View Restaurant
0600PM – 0715PM	Travel back to Hinatuan
0715PM		Overnight Stay in Marky’s Hostel

0700AM – 0800AM	Hinatuan to Barobo
0800AM – 0900AM	Barobo Tour
0900AM – 0930AM	Back to Barobo Terminal
0930AM – 1230PM	Barobo, Surigao Del Sur to Butuan City


Tandag Airport to Bus Terminal	20
Jeep Tandag to Cagwait		30
Trike Cagwait Junction to Beach	15
Monica Del Sol Room		400
Total				465

Trike Beach to Cagwait Junction	10
Bus Cagwait to San Agustin	40
Habal-habal to Britania		20
Tourism Fee Britania		25
Britania Island Hopping(shared)	500
Van to Hinatuan*		170
Trike to Marky’s Place		10
Marky’s Place			250
Total				1025

Entrance Enchanted River	30
Hinatuan Island Hopping		225
Entrance Sibadan Fish Cage	10
Entrance Pacific View Resort	10
Lifevest Rental / hour		15
Entrance Tinuy-an Falls		50
Entrance Int’l Doll House	20
Hinatuan + Bislig Tour (shared)	900
Marky’s Place			250
Total				1510

Van Hinatuan to Barobo		50
Trike to Beto/Bogac		16
Trike to Wakat Cave		30
Bus Barobo to Butuan		170
Total				266

Food				700
TOTAL				3966


Cagwait White Beach, Cagwait Surigao Del Sur
Contact No.: 0928-402-8974 / 0916-101-7861
Facebook Page:

Brgy Maharlika, Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur
Contact No.: 0928-439-7785
Facebook Page:

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Five airports in Mindanao can be your entry point in going to Surigao Del Sur: Laguindingan Airport (Cagayan De Oro City), Surigao Airport (Surigao City), Bancasi Airport (Butuan City), Tandag Airport (Tandag City), and Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao City). From Surigao City or Cagayan De Oro City, make your way to Butuan City.

On my visit to Surigao Del Sur, my entry point was Tandag Airport and Bancasi Airport as my exit. Cebu Pacific has MWF flights from Cebu to Tandag. From Tandag Airport, get out of the airport and take a tricycle ride to Tandag City Bus Terminal, Php20. From the bus terminal, you can avail a ride bound to Barobo or Bislig City.

For a more detailed guide on how to get to Surigao Del Sur and its tourist attractions, visit Senyor Lakwatsero’s post here.



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