Nika, My New Travel Buddy


Traveling is the best way to relax. In addition, Britt Reints ( also published an article on her blog about the reasons why traveling makes us happy. She stated that it gives us a sense of accomplishment, helps us learn about ourselves; makes us more interesting, it reminds us how unimportant most things are, it connects us to people and it helps us avoid dying.


Most travelers enjoy trips having their friends and families in groups, while others prefer going solo and enjoying every moment of their lone time. My first travel out of Luzon happened last August when I, together with my other 3 workmates, discovered the beauty of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. I never tried going solo but I have plans of solo backpacking to Ilocos on the last week of December and in Legaspi, Albay on February.


One benefit of traveling solo is you’re the only one in-charged in managing your time; on the other hand, a major disadvantage is that you’re alone! But recently, I already hired a pal for my solo trips and I want you to meet my new travel buddy Nika, my new Nikon D3100 camera.


Nika was my major Christmas wishlist last year, but due to more important things (and that the price was still pricey), I didn’t afford to purchase her. And after a year of hard work (naks!), I already got her.


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