Sunset in Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin


The viewing deck, where I was busy chatting with locals, is just meters away from the famous landmark in Camiguin. Tripod was waiting to be perched and camera’s shutter to be clicked. I was waiting for the sun to set.

A jolly local was busy taking photos of a group as his friend shared to me that Sunken Cemetery will be part of the Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 as Derek Ramsay and his team was there a few weeks ago. He also shared that he was one of the men that brought the actor-host to the marker.

We were already 30 minutes in Sunken Cemetery that time. I told Kuya Jun beforehand that I will wait for sunset as it was suggested that you can view the best sunset in Camiguin in that part of the island-province.

Prior to that, I joined a family from Cagayan De Oro on a boat ride to the cross. Since distance is too short, boats are manually being paddled from the shore. The water went inside the boat that made everyone panicked where the boatmen immediately reassured that the boat won’t sink. Fortunately, we reached the marker without being drowned.

Some tombstones are visible and the locals joked that we can also try to snorkel with the spirits. Kidding aside, it is blessed with a great marine biodiversity so they offer snorkel and diving activities in the area.

Going back to the setting sun, clouds covered its path that led to a not so magnificent sunset. Sunsets are already part of every travel. It is a good way to end a very productive and another memorable day of your life as a traveler. The setting sun will remind you of the fun adventures you had for that entire day.


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