Traveler of the Month | GIA FERRER: “To Travel is to Live.”


Gia Ferrer, an employee in a QSR company, considers herself a frequent traveler satisfying her wanderlust by having at least two trips a month. Her travel stats include her numerous plane rides, visited 6 countries in Southeast Asia, 2 major festivals in the country, and her 3 backpacks.

Gia doing a cliff jump in Puerto Galera (2012).

Get to know our Traveler of the Month as she shares with us some of her travel experiences by answering our 10 Travel Questions.

“It was my first plane ride as well, bound for Cebu with family in 2008. The trip
was quite memorable since I did a lot of firsts and the experience
kicked off my love to travel, and travel more.”

“That trip to Cebu (2008) started the idea to visit more beaches which the
Philippines has a lot to showcase, try more food tripping especially on local food
and immerse in different cultures, get to know a word or two of their dialect
and explore what nature in the area can offer.”

“My first ever solo backpacking to Thailand (my first time) and crossing the
border to Cambodia.”

“Yes! An iPhone 4S I lost at Hong Kong International Airport containing a
thousand of travel pictures and other personal moments.”

Her first ever solo backpacking trip in Cambodia (2012).

“My iPhone because it has almost everything: call, SMS, camera, notepad,
currency conversion, internet connection, and other stuff.”

“I’m more into nature tripping and adventure so that would be beach and

Apo Island in Dumaguete for snorkeling; Calaguas, El Nido, and Bantayan Island
for beach bumming, Mt Pulag for the heights; Outside: Singapore.”

“Maximizing my company’s coop wherein I am being deducted regularly thru
payroll for my savings fund that will be withdrawn for my major trip.”

Mountains are one of her first loves. Pico de Loro (2011).

“A long, long list but my top 3 places are Australia, South Africa, and Batanes.”

Quoting Hans Christian Anderson, “To Travel is to Live.”

I met this adventurous lass during our visit to Apo Reef National Park in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro last April 2013.


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