Embracing Taoism at Baguio’s Bell Church


Certainly one of the few serene places left in Baguio City away from the bustling crowd and heaving attractions is the Bell Church. I needed a new place to visit since the usual Burnham Park, Mines View and Wright Park, aren’t pleasing anymore.

Chinese Temple, famous for Bell Church, is perfectly located away from the city along the highway going to La Trinidad. A numerous visits in the City of Pines in the past didn’t give me the opportunity to drop by the famous attraction. Gratefully, I found time the last time I’ve been there.


The place is well-known for Baguio residents and asking them on how to get there will not be a problem. The paifang, the traditional Chinese gating having a dragon in the center and around nine bells, greets everyone. A short strip of the alley will direct you to the main Bell Church complex.

Another paifang with red towering posts and a lion will again welcome you. But before ascending the stairs that lead to the courtyard, is a wall having Chinese scriptures. There are a lot and I have nothing in mind what these inscriptions mean. Lush landscapes, pagodas of different sizes, octagon ponds with lotus, dragon and lion figures, are very common in sight.


Without the tourists lurking around, the entire area is great for reflections and some meditations. Aside from the dragons and lions, statues of warriors and some gods, as well as the founder of the Bell Church, are stationed in some of the pagodas. A higher Pagoda tower is located on the upper part but I wasn’t able to reach that far.

Taking photos is allowed except inside the chapel where they implement a proper behavior and also a way of giving respect to the people offering sacred rituals to their gods.

Like most Taoist temples, it is also located along a mountain side and its site lined-up with the main purpose of Taoism, to encourage everyone to live harmoniously with nature. It was the last attraction I visited during my stay in Baguio before heading back to Pangasinan.



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