Flower Fields of Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu City


Colorful flower beds carpeting some square meters of land is one of the ultimate images of Amsterdam, Netherlands. But in case you made your way to Cebu City, there is no more need to fly to this European city just to experience the multicolored flower fields. Few months ago, a bunch of photos on Facebook and Instagram featured Sirao Flower Farm in Sirao, Cebu City where guests are allowed to take photos on the rows of celosia flowers.

On a Saturday afternoon, I chartered a motorbike (locally known as habal-habal) to bring me to Sirao Flower Farm. Since there is no regular way of commuting from the city proper to the area, habal-habal drivers offer a Php200 rate for a roundtrip fare and will demand an additional fee if you’ll ask them to wait for you. Travel time is around 45 minutes.

With the tourists raving to visit the flower garden, the management already installed a windmill copying the ones in the Netherlands for their guests to have the Amsterdam vibe. I arrived at the flower farm a bit dismayed because the flowers on the garden were not as many as seen on the photos trended on social media.


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The flame-like celosia flowers; in red, yellow, orange, and pink, are in bloom all year round as per the management but the whole hillside is covered by soaring flowers around October to November where there is an abundant supply of water in the highlands. Celosia flowers take three months to grow from its seed and the owners plant them during the month of July making it fully bloom in the months mentioned.

Aside from the celosia flowers, the owners also grow daisy, sunflower, chrysanthemum, and gypsophila (baby’s breath). An entrance fee of Php30 is being collected to compensate the damage being induced by the visitors when taking selfies with the flowers. They also allow photo shoots in the area where I chanced three couples having their prenup photos during my visit. It was a real challenge to take nice selfies because there were a lot of visitors also busy taking snaps for their social media accounts.


If you plan to buy flowers with you on your visit, they have a booth that offers flowers per dozen. The price usually triples when the flower reaches some markets in Cebu City so grab the opportunity to bring home freshly picked flowers at a very affordable price.


Private Vehicle

Make your way to JY Square Mall at the end of Salinas Drive and take the road going to Busay. It will take you around 30 – 45 minutes to reach Ayala Heights. After passing Ayala Heights, there is a fork road where you need to take right. Signs are already available leading you to Sirao Flower Farm.



Make your way to JY Square Mall and the end of Salinas Drive. Wherever you are in the city, if there are jeepneys having 04 sign, you can take a ride and tell the driver to drop you in JY Square. Here, habal-habal drivers will immediately approach you and ask for your destination. The usual rate is Php200 (per motorbike, not per person) for a roundtrip fare but they will demand an additional fee if you’ll ask them to wait.



    • As far as I remember, and with the details mentioned above, the 200 fare is per motorbike (and is roundtrip) but they will only allow maximum of 2 as some parts of the road to Sirao are a bit steep. But the drivers usually demand a higher rate if you’ll ask them to wait for you. You can try haggling with the price though.


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