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BRIQUE Modern Kitchen

It’s Time to Take a Break at BRIQUE Modern Kitchen

Don’t submit yourself to excessive work. Find time to rest and relax out of your daily routine of beating deadlines and rushing deliverables. The...
Nalusuan Island Resort

No Shower Rooms in Nalusuan Island Resort, Cebu

February and summer already kicked in. Feisty heat of the sun invades every part of Cebu. It’s again time for some beach and island...
Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls Traverse: 5 Hours of Grueling Trek

South Bus Terminal at 2 in the morning was the agreed rendezvous for the much awaited traverse. From work, I just left my stuff...
kuya j restaurant

Best Plates of Kuya J Restaurant

Whether you’re planning a family reunion or a barkada get-together, a good restaurant is an essential. For the flourishing Cebu food landscape, the more...
Siquijor itinerary

Stunning Siquijor: Places to Visit and a Weekend Itinerary

Sorcery. Potion. Magic. These are some of the words that were usually associated with Siquijor. Somehow offensive for the locals yet they already embraced...
Cambugahay Falls

Channeling my Inner Tarzan in Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

Travel buddies just had their third swing and were definitely enjoying the activity in Cambugahay Falls while I was still building my courage to...
Cebu Taoist Temple

Sunday Walk to Cebu Taoist Temple

Believe it or not, since I started working in Cebu City last June 2014, it was my first time to visit Cebu Taoist Temple. What’s weird...
Sirao Flower Farm

Flower Fields of Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu City

Colorful flower beds carpeting some square meters of land is one of the ultimate images of Amsterdam, Netherlands. But in case you made your...
jj's backpacker village siquijor

JJ’s Backpackers Village, Haven for Solo Travelers in Siquijor

Travelers visiting Siquijor on shoestring seek backpacker dorms to spend less on their budget but ensuring that they still enjoy the destination. Locals near...
marco polo cebu

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Cebu City from Above

Cebu City was busy preparing for the upcoming Sinulog Festival and the International Eucharist Congress while I was scanning HotelQuickly app on my smartphone....

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